OZ Arts Nashville

OZ Arts Nashville was changing its fiscal year to a July-June schedule, and also re-organizing its accounting chart of accounts and procedures, necessitating assistance from an experienced nonprofit accounting firm. Working with Chazin & Company, OZ benefits from comprehensive support on a day-to-day basis, as well as ongoing support to reorganize and maintain standard accounting practices and procedures to be well prepared in advance of annual audits.

Since working with Chazin & Company, OZ Arts now has more efficient and more reliable financial management and cash flow procedures, with streamlined, yet thorough, systems for more effective overall financial management. With a sensitivity to the specific needs of OZ Arts’ unique role as a cultural institution, Chazin & Company provides reliable and thoughtful support on an ongoing basis and has been able to vastly improve our use of efficient software to manage, track, and report on financial matters. Our Chazin & Company accountant has been a great resource for OZ arts, and a strategic thinker who informs policy and helps us manage virtually all aspects of our financial management.

Mark Murphy
Executive / Artistic Director