Small Nonprofits deserve expert accounting advice too

Finally, affordable nonprofit accounting guidance is here.

NFP SmartStart by Chazin & Company

The intelligent affordable accessible proven option for ensuring that your nonprofit's accounting is off to a great start

Many nonprofits do not have the internal expertise needed to successfully navigate the accounting regulations and requirements that they must navigate. We understand. It’s challenging. 

Fortunately, all you may need is a nonprofit accounting expert periodically looking over your shoulder. 

An NFP SmartStart subscription is a perfect solution for new or small nonprofit leaders who understand the value in ensuring their accounting is on the right track. 

Our cost-effective and flexible plans featuring invaluable expert consulting include:

Chazin & Company will assess the current state of your accounting function and provide you with actionable recommendations for improvement. 

Chazin & Company will provide monthly reviews of your accounting file* and financial reports giving you confidence in your data. 


*Don’t have an accounting file? We can set one up for you! (Additional costs apply)

Chazin & Company will ensure there are strong internal controls, compliance with applicable standards and regulations are met, and best practices in place that will continue to guide your nonprofit as it grows. 

Chazin & Company will enhance the structure of your accounting file* so that you have useful reports with meaningful data to aid your decision-making.

*Don’t have an accounting file? We can set one up for you! (Additional costs apply)


Chazin & Company will provide accounting and systems training as needed to enhance your internal capabilities.

NFP SmartStart is 100% US-Based. Fully Virtual. Available Nationwide

Is your nonprofit a good fit for nfp smartstart?

NFP SmartStart will benefit nonprofit leaders who want to ensure that their …

… accounting transactions are entered properly, and the data is accurate.

… internal person performing the accounting tasks has expert nonprofit accounting guidance.

… reports are providing useful data to aid their decision-making.

… accounting file is ready for the first external audit.

… processes include strong internal controls, meet compliance standards, and follow best practices.

… start-up or small nonprofit is managing their accounting properly to support growth.

About Chazin & Company

Set your organization on the path to success

For over 17 years, Chazin & Company has specialized in non-profit accounting and finance services. We understand the challenges that nonprofits face, especially when they’re just getting started. That’s why we created NFP SmartStart, a flexible subscription-based solution for new or small nonprofit organizations looking to invest in the long-term success of their organization. 

We know it can be difficult to prioritize accounting and finance operations when your passion and expertise lie in delivering your organization’s goals and mission. However, we know that with accounting best practices, fully compliant processes, accurate financial data, and meaningful reporting, you’ll be able to drive your organization to achieve its mission more effectively. 

Invest in the long-term success of your nonprofit with cost-effective, flexible and affordable NFP SmartStart Plans

Save up to 10% with an annual plan
Annually - A 5% discount for a 24-hour annual plan
2 Hours of expert nonprofit accounting guidance per month
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Annually - A 10% discount for a 48-hour annual plan
4 Hours of expert nonprofit accounting guidance per month
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Our subscription is billed either at a monthly or annual rate.

Looking for a full outsourced accounting solution?

We offer a full range of services to meet the unique needs of your organization. We can serve as your entire accounting department or supplement your current in-house accounting team. Let’s talk!

Nonprofit Experts

Serving nonprofits exclusively for over 15 years
With over 15 years working exclusively with nonprofits, we pride ourselves in having a thorough understanding of your accounting and reporting needs. Our accountants are well-versed in nonprofit best practices as well as GAAP and FASB that impact nonprofits.

Customized Services

Tailored solutions to fulfill each client's specific needs
We offer a flexible business model to fit your organization’s specific accounting needs. . We collaborate with you to provide services that are not only cost-effective but also strengthen your accounting function.

Daily Accessibility

Virtual services that feel like we're just down the hall
Your Chazin & Company team is accessible each and every workday – not just certain times of the month. We combine proactive and personalized service with tailored communication processes to cultivate a collaborative partnership, so you feel like we are just down the hall.