Chazin Roadshow and Learning Summit Recap: Phoenix Takes Flight!

The 2024 Chazin Roadshow and Learning Summit in Phoenix, Arizona, provided attendees with valuable insights and opportunities for professional growth. Held at the vibrant Children’s Museum of Arizona, the event buzzed with energy and a shared passion for empowering nonprofits.   

Highlighting Innovation and Impact 

The Learning Summit portion proved to be an engaging knowledge exchange. Attendees were so engrossed in the topics that presentations ran later than expected, thanks to a surge of insightful questions!  The session on restricted funding and proper transaction recording resonated deeply, with participants actively participating in scenario discussions. The depth and specificity of the questions revealed a truly engaged audience eager to navigate the complexities of nonprofit finance. 

Celebrating Changemakers: Grant Winners Announced! 

We were thrilled to announce the winners of our three $5,000 unrestricted grants! A huge congratulations to the Laloboy Foundation, The Hope House, and Mt. Graham Safe House. The excitement in the room was palpable as each organization received their well-deserved awards. It was evident how much these grants will empower their critical missions. We were deeply moved by the winners’ expressions of gratitude and their plans to use the funds to make a real difference in their communities. 

Beyond the Classroom: Building Connections 

But the Roadshow wasn’t just about presentations and grants. The atmosphere crackled with the energy of connection. Attendees raved about the exceptional networking opportunities, the chance to meet inspiring leaders from the nonprofit sector, and of course, getting to know the Chazin team.  Everyone enjoyed forging new relationships with local nonprofits, sharing best practices, and forming a powerful network for collective impact. 

A Surprise to Remember! 

To top it all off, we raffled off two comprehensive financial & accounting assessments valued at $4,500 each after the Learning Summit and the Roadshow event. This unexpected surprise generated significant excitement among attendees, sparking discussions about the potential for a valuable new tool to strengthen their organizations

The Phoenix Rises: A Soaring Success 

The 2024 Chazin Roadshow and Learning Summit in Phoenix was a resounding success. From the engaged discussions to the heart-warming grant ceremony, and the unexpected raffle prize, the event fostered a spirit of learning, collaboration, and most important, hope. We can’t wait to see what the future holds as we continue to empower nonprofits across the country! 

What Attendees Are Saying 

We heard incredible things from attendees at the Phoenix Roadshow!   

“It was inspiring to see so many nonprofit leaders coming together at this event to share knowledge and build connections. This will undoubtedly strengthen their impact on our community. Thanks to the Chazin team for organizing such a valuable gathering.”   

 — Julia Patrick, CEO of the American Nonprofit Academy 

“It was a great event tonight! It is always valuable to network with our fellow nonprofits and, for me, especially the performance arts nonprofits. It’s key to get local feedback because performance arts are such an important part of the Phoenix local market.”  

 — Ellen Wesley, Treasurer of The Phoenix Chorale 

A Few Words From Our CEO 

“At Chazin & Company, we are committed to giving back to the communities we serve. We’re honored to present these grants to three Arizona nonprofits tackling critical issues. By investing in these organizations, we’re investing in a brighter future for Arizona. The Chazin Roadshow is just one way we’re committed to empowering nonprofits to achieve their goals. We look forward to similar collaborations as we take the Roadshow to communities across the country.”  

— Adele Chazin, President & CEO of Chazin & Company

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