Employee Spotlight: Lisa Casey

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Employee Spotlight is a blog series meant to offer an inside look at our company culture and, most importantly, highlight the talented individuals who help make our company so special. From accountants and software implementation specialists to operations, marketing, and HR professionals, get to know the people behind Chazin & Company.  

Today, we are getting to know Lisa Casey, one of our talented Controllers. Lisa is based out of North Carolina and has been with Chazin & Company since 2020. Let's learn more about her: 

1. What's your role at Chazin & Company?

I am a Controller on one of our accounting teams. I currently have 3 clients, but one of those clients takes up about 75% of my time.

2. What's the most rewarding part about your job?

I really like working with nonprofits and have been working with them for the last 16+ years.  I view nonprofits as providers of hope which means, in some small way, I am providing hope as well. 

3. What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

This is a tough question because my free time is very limited right now but, when I have time, I like to volunteer. 

4. What's your favorite volunteer activity?

In the past, I had 2 standing volunteer “jobs” and I can’t decide which was the favorite.   

The first was going to the Children’s Hospital and rocking the tiny babies in the NICU.  Each nurse had 4 babies so the volunteers would help calm down babies while the nurse was tending to another. 

The second was volunteering at the county animal control shelter.  I would either walk dogs, play with cats, feed baby kittens or spend 1 Saturday a month helping as the animals woke up from their spay or neuter. 

5. Please share any exciting news or a fun fact about yourself:

The year 2020, though starting out great with my wedding, became a nightmare when my husband (of 6 months) suffered a massive stroke.  While he is still trying to regain his normal life, 2021 has been exciting.  Since the end of March, we have purchased a house and purchased a new vehicle.  We also got a new puppy on May 1st, a miniature dachshund. 

Thank you, LisaWould you like to be part of the Chazin & Company team? Check out ourcareers page for current opportunities and don't forget to check back next month for a new Employee Spotlight.